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Login to Tickets Section

The WSDesk demo site login displays three credentials each for demo(admin), supervisor, and agent account respectively.

The demo account is an admin account which has all the authorities like creating new supervisor or agent profiles, editing their capabilities to access the plugin settings, configuring plugin settings, email settings, backup and restore settings, access tickets, and reports pages.

The supervisor account can create agent as well as other supervisor profiles and assign/edit their capabilities. A supervisor has access rights to reply, delete & manage the tickets, manage templates, access plugin settings page, agents page, email page and import page of the plugin.

Whereas the agent account enables you to reply, delete and manage the tickets. In addition to this, an agent can access reports page.

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Raising a Ticket

Following are the various ways to create a WSDesk ticket:

  • Agent – An agent/supervisor can create a ticket in the Tickets dashboard.
    For more detailed information, read ‘Adding a New Ticket’ section under the Tickets settings of the product documentation.
  • Customer – A customer can raise a ticket in two ways:
    1. Sending a direct email – A customer can send an email directly to the customer support email address (ex. support@example.com). For this, you need to configure IMAP support in the Email settings of the plugin.
      [Note: The WSDesk email sending functionality has been disabled on our demo site due to spam protection.]
    2. Customer Support Page – Use our demo support page to raise a ticket. You can configure the input fields in the Ticket Fields section of the plugin settings.
      For more detailed information, read Ticket Fields section in the product documentation.

A screenshot of sample support page is shown on the left.


WSDesk comes with a lot of customization options. You can customize Tickets fields, Tickets status, Ticket tags, Ticket views, support form, outgoing emails, email filters and blocking option and lot more!

To understanding each feature in detail, read our product documentation.

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Triggers & Automation

Triggers are a condition-based action that can be used in many ways for ease of business. You can configure instant email notification for your customer tickets and automate ticket assigning.

Additionally, you can create triggers for sending a reminder of a long-pending ticket to the support agent, pending tickets to be marked resolved after a certain time period, tickets differentiation based on source, handling priority tickets and so on.

Read five awesome things WSDesk Automation can do for comprehensive understanding.

For more detailed information, read Triggers and Automation section in the product documentation.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

With WSDesk Triggers and Automation feature, you can create customer satisfaction surveys in simple steps.

This satisfaction surveys will be helpful in getting customer feedback for your product/service and in turn, will allow you to analyze your support performance.

For example, you can create a trigger that sends customer satisfaction review email to customers, when an issue is resolved and the ticket status is marked closed.

For more information, read how to set up Customer Satisfaction surveys & emails in WSDesk?

A screenshot of sample Customer Satisfaction page is shown on the right.

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WooCommerce Integration

WSDesk makes use of a few aspects of your WooCommerce store for integration, which includes products, categories, tags, order details and order prices. In this way, your WooCommerce customers can easily raise issues with your products from the support page.

For more detailed information, read WooCommerce Integration section in the product documentation.


Reports page helps you analyze your WSDesk data. You can monitor your WSDesk ticket status, agent responses based on date filters. If you have integrated WooCommerce, you can view custom WooCommerce reports that show tickets status of your top products and top product categories.

A screenshot of Agents reports is shown on the right.

For more information, read Reports section in the product documentation.

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Backup and Restore

With WSDesk Backup and Restore settings, you can take a backup of WSDesk settings and/or tickets data of a specific time period, in an XML file. Similarly, you can restore the date from an XML file in simple steps.

In addition to this, you can restore the deleted tickets from the trash and set up custom starting number to initiate the tickets.

For more detailed information, read Backup and Restore section in the product documentation.

Do you know?

WSDesk is much more than your usual WordPress helpdesk plugin.

With WSDesk, you can:

  • Create triggers and automation for various use cases.
  • Create custom Ticket views.
  • Set up Email piping.
  • Email filtering and blocking.
  • Bulk editing the tickets.
  • Customize the support form with Ticket fields.
  • Use Autosuggestion feature while raising a ticket or replying to the tickets.
  • Create unlimited agents and supervisor profiles.
  • Monitor agent performance reports.
  • Create custom ticket submission form.
  • Get a quick view of tickets and quick reply.
  • Get attachment support.
  • Create Customer satisfaction review page.
  • Integrate with WooCommerce.
  • Integrate with WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins.
  • Make WSDesk work with Multisite.
  • Use WSDesk create ticket API with third-party forms and plugins.
  • Take advantage of WPML Support.

Also, read Top WSDesk Features that make it The Best WordPress HelpDesk System and 3 Unnoticed Features of WSDesk.

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Product Documentation

To understand each feature in detail, read our product documentation.

Or check out WSDesk FAQ article.

You can also explore the blog archive to understand how WSDesk can provide ease to your business.

Video Tutorial

Check out our video tutorial to better understand the plugin features and setup.

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